Hello, my name is Suk-yi, and welcome to The Caffeine Trifecta!

As with many of you, I enjoy a good cup of coffee and tea, and eating dark chocolate. I like the ritual of steeping and brewing, of sipping and savouring. I appreciate the sight, the aroma and the taste. Together with my cuppa, I drink in the atmosphere of where I am, be it in the quietude of home or in a social gathering.  The Caffeine Trifecta germinated out of this personal enjoyment.

I invite you to join me here, if…..

You don’t want to miss out on your caffeine. I have done all the legwork, bringing together the best coffees, teas and chocolates for you – the caffeine lover – in a single, convenient location.

You want some relaxation in your busy life to appreciate the beauty of simple things. Step back from the busyness and carve out some down time for yourself with the rituals of brewing coffee and tea.

You are looking to connect in a social setting. Coffee, tea and chocolate are convivial drinks. I have gathered caffeine locations where you can meet up with your friends (or sit with yourself and your thoughts) over a cuppa.

You are a keen explorer and a curious traveller. Let me take you travelling with coffee, tea and chocolate through the eyes of different cultures around the world.

You are after caffeine sensory experiences. Let me share with you recipes, pairings, reviews and learnings. Let your senses explode!

More than an e-commerce site, we showcase small businesses, each representing a wonderful owner with passion and drive. Support them by supporting The Caffeine Trifecta. What are you waiting for? Come join me on this caffeine adventure!