I love reading and writing about coffee.

Come along the journey as I unveil coffee stories covering coffee history, culture, health benefits, places to enjoy coffee…and on how the coffee phenomena permeates and defines all of our lives in some way.

Best Coffee and Tea Caravans in Melbourne

  I have an open secret. I love a little vintage. Well, actually, big vintage, as in coffee and tea caravans type of big. Once upon a time, if you wanted awesome tea or coffee, you had to go to a cafe. With the recent explosion of the mobile food van trend, you can...

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Best Coffee Spots in Melbourne

As a city of caffeine lovers, the best coffee spots in Melbourne are your home away from home. Although great coffee is a prerequisite, for me, it’s not just coffee that makes a cafe great. It is the whole feeling. A great cafe is a place that engages your five...

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