This is my little corner where I share my tea-related writing and thoughts. This blog itself is a journey of discovery of the tea lifestyle, with topics such as loose leaf tea, tea culture, sustainability, practical tips, self-care and mindfulness. 

Read on to uncover all tea has to offer. 

Tea Culture Around the World (Part 2)

For many across the world, tea is a lovely little pleasure. It is also an important social and celebratory tradition for great occasions. Continuing on our journey of tea culture around the world, I'd like to invite you to join me today. This time, we will jet to...

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Tea Traditions Around the World (Part 1)

The practice of drinking tea has a long and complex history. Tea has been enjoyed and revered for over a thousand years. Beginning in China and spreading across Asia, it is a central part of traditional ceremonies and special celebrations. From preparing, brewing and...

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