I have an open secret. I love a little vintage. Well, actually, big vintage, as in coffee and tea caravans type of big.

Once upon a time, if you wanted awesome tea or coffee, you had to go to a cafe. With the recent explosion of the mobile food van trend, you can now get your caffeine hit, and a whole bunch of other treats, wherever you want them to be.

What is driving (pun intended!) this coffee and tea trend?

While mobile food trucks have been around for decades, they are no longer just garish monstrosities churning out deep fried food at the country show. These new coffee and tea caravans offer food and drinks that are restaurant quality, but even more importantly the caravans have become features in themselves.

A love of everything hipster and vintage-inspired has helped to feed a wave of beautiful coffee and tea caravans, not just in Melbourne but in most big towns and cities. The vans are stunning and whimsical; either brought back lovingly from the caravan graveyard or built brand new but with an authentic retro look.

Celebrate with good coffee and tea

I love the way how there is a cleverness to the small space in a coffee and tea caravan, as there is a need for both practicality and aesthetics. Unlike in a cafe where there is also a social and convivial environment to attract you, the coffee, tea and food does need to speak for itself in a mobile caravan.

The quality of the whole experience means that for any occasion or event, a coffee or tea caravan can add a touch of fun and catering convenience while still maintaining a polished and professional feel and look. Well, if you were to ask me, any event, anywhere, is worthy of great coffee! Choose your location, choose your desired beverages and other refreshments, wave your imaginary wand and bring your perfect event to life.

The Caffeine Trifecta’s Top 3 Coffee and Tea Caravans in Melbourne

Little Mouse Teahouse

Little Mouse Teahouse is my local coffee and tea caravan when I am at the park on the weekend with my hubby and kids. Specialising in healthy and delectable tea parties for children, Little Mouse Teahouse can bring coffee, tea, and incredibly good food to you.

Coffee_tea_caravans_Melbourne_Little_Mouse_TeahousePhoto credit: Little Mouse Teahouse, from their Facebook page

For an entire high tea set-up including tables, chairs, tea sets and all your decorations, everything has been thought of here. Ideal for any event really, not just children’s parties.

Consider them also for your fete or market, work functions or get-togethers in the park. The coffee is wonderful, but the tasty food (could I just tell you that Jess makes the scrummiest scones?) takes it to the next level. Jess can cater to all dietary needs.

Coffee_tea_caravans_Melbourne_Little_mouse_teahousePhoto credit: Little Mouse Teahouse, from their Facebook page

Miss Fleur

Nikki wanted to start a business that shares her love of good coffee and good wine, creativity and enjoyment of community interaction. After buying the perfect caravan and together with her partner, they poured their heart and soul into refurbishing it. And in keeping with the vintage/retro ethos, only recycled and repurposed timber was used, some even coming from their family farm! This is a caravan handmade with time and love.

Photo credit: Miss Fleur, from their Facebook page

The end result? Miss Fleur – a vintage beverage caravan that can be hired for any special event to serve good coffee, complete with barista. Or if you fancy a bit of wine and cocktail too, Miss Fleur has got you covered. This is one vintage lady that can multi-task well! Or you can find her in and around markets in Melbourne – follow her adventures on her Facebook page.


Photo credit: Miss Fleur, from their Facebook page

Little Sugar

This versatile, vintage-inspired little caravan is owned by Sheree and Andrew. It is simply stunning and will fit in beautifully at any event. Travelling across Melbourne and regional Victoria, Little Sugar brings fresh coffee and tea, beer and wine and much more.

Coffee_tea_caravans_Melbourne_little_sugar_coffeePhoto credit: Little Sugar, from their Instagram page

You can BYO alcohol and have the super-sweet van run by your own staff as well or arrange a package where they do everything for you. Truly a conversational piece for your special occasion.

Coffee_tea_caravans_melbourne_Little_sugar_wine Photo credit: Little Sugar, from their homepage

Special Mention: Round & Round

Technically, Round & Round isn’t part of Melbourne anymore, but hey, they started out in uber-hip Brunswick East, so this quality Melbourne native is definitely worth a mention here.

Jess and Andy, the couple behind this travelling coffee caravan has decided to explore the entire country (don’t we all wish to!) and take our delicious Melbourne coffee to regional communities across our fair nation. Go you, Jess and Andy, this is the stuff that dreams are made of!

Coffee_tea_caravans_melbourne_round_and_roundPhoto credit: Round & Round, from their Facebook page

Round and round, through the streets of your town; everyday I make my way, through the streets of your town. Follow them on Facebook to see where they will turn up next, or to eagerly await their return to Melbourne.

Share Your Favourite Best Coffee and Tea Caravans

If you have a favourite coffee and tea caravan, let me know. I would love the chance to check out something different and new. Any excuse for a little more vintage/retro and a litte more coffee and tea!


Wishing you a great day,

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Suk-yi is a caffeine lover, blogger, entrepreneur, air quality consultant, environmentalist, world citizen, wife and mother. She explores various topics related to coffee, tea, chocolate and everything in between on her blog. Make sure to follow her on her Facebook Page, Instagram Page and Pinterest Page.

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It’s the best way to stay in touch so you don’t miss a thing - latest information, recommendations, recipes, mindfulness tips & more. Plus we love a surprise giveaway or discount. Be sure to stay in touch.


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