Tania Nepe is a lady who wears two hats, and who wears them well. She is a barista who knows and appreciates good coffee.

But equally she is a passionate tea lover who has a vision to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy the wondrous world of tea through her ethically-sourced and good quality loose leaf tea. Moose Tea is the physical culmination of her vision, gracing the tea scene in Brisbane with loose leaf tea, as well as handcrafted herbal teas and blends.

We both love good back stories about tea, so one fine day, we sat down and had a chat.


Getting to Know You

I am so excited to have you here today – the kettle is on and it is about to sing! What would you like to brew for us and why did you choose it?

After all the lovely work you’ve done,  I’ll happily brew our Organic Gopaldhara Darjeeling 1st Flush. Its floral, smooth, crisp and clean – perfect for conversations.

You are a barista. How has such a background enhance your tea journey?

Being a barista has made it easier for me to appreciate tea from its origins and being aware of the journey of the leaf from farmer to cup. It’s also kept me looking for the next drop to taste.


What would be your ultimate personal tea experience?

Wow I have so many on my list. I really enjoy tea with a bit of history so something along those lines. But my favourite moments are sharing tea with those who appreciate it too.


If someone were to come into your shop today as a novice loose leaf tea drinker, what tea would you recommend to get him or her started on the tea journey, and why?

First I would ask a few simple questions to distinguish their tea style, then I would take them on an intuitive flight of tea and tasting to experience an appreciation. From here I’m sure they would find a few new teas to start them on their way.


What’s new in your tea business?

We have opened a cafe style venue at 23 Kurilpa St, West End, Brisbane. So come and visit us!


If there is one person, living or passed, whom you can have tea with right now, who would that be and why?

My Nan – we always had good conversations over tea.

Quick Sips

Green, yellow, white, oolong, red or black?


Single or blended?


Hot or cold?


Teapot, infuser or gaiwan?


Sweet or savoury pairing?