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Woorea Tea
Beyond Luxury - Green tea - 40g
Black Tea - Hwang cha tea - 50g
Woojeon - Green tea - 40g
Imperial Blend - Green tea - 40g
Hwahwo - 40g
Korean matcha 40g
Hauraki, Auckland, New Zealand

You have found the right place if you are looking for luxury Korean tea.

Wooree Tea is based in Auckland, New Zealand and we sell Korean green tea solely from the Hadong region of South Korea, the birth place of Korean tea. Wooree means ‘us’ in Korean.

Korea produces 0.1% of the world's tea of which very little is exported, hence the difficulty in obtaining this amazing tea, which is reflected in its high price. Korean green tea tends to have a softer and sweeter taste than its Chinese and Japanese neighbours.

All of our green tea comes only from the one farm in the Hwage Valley, 30 km's upriver from the city of Hadong, the birthplace of Korean tea, over 1200 years ago. Hadong is recognised as the best tea growing region of South Korea.

Our tea is classified as semi-wild as the tea plants have self seeded from the original tea plants grown all those years ago.They grow within the Jirisan National Park, amongst the bamboo forests and the pure water of the Sumjim River. Because of the steep hillsides the entire picking process is done by hand with meticulous care.

Mr Yun Suk Cho, our tea master, is a third generation tea farmer and because of his very high standards he has gained USDA and EU organic accreditation. We are proud to have him as our only tea supplier.

Our tea has won the Gold Grand Prize at Japan's prestigious World Green Tea Contest many times since 2008.

We also offer an annual guided tour to South Korea - The Cherry Blossom and Tea Tour - led by Chris Grant, Founder of Wooree Tea, who has personally created the tour from scratch over the last 5 years by visiting places attendees will actually stay and curating experiences that are not accessible to the general public.

Korean Black Tea/ Hwang Cha Tea – 50g

Korean Green Tea (Beyond Luxury) 40g

Korean Green Tea (Hwahwo) 40g

Korean Green Tea (Imperial Blend) 40g

Korean Green Tea (Woojeon) 40g

Korean Matcha 40g

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