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Get found in search engines through our SEO-optimised pages   

 Build brand awareness and web traffic through increased social media exposure

 List your product(s) on our growing website

 Create more time and freedom for you to focus on your business, by letting us do the targeted marketing for you

Be promoted on social media, blogs and email newsletters

 Have your advertising tailored to your needs, saving you time & money

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Frequently Asked Questions


I am already doing my own marketing. Why do I need more?

With the advent of the internet, social media, blogging, email and other digital communications channels, the path to purchase is not a simple, straight line. Instead, due to the many ways the people can look for information, this path is now a varied web of twists and turns – and touch points. It takes multiple contact and interaction (6 to 12, or even more) with potential customers before a sales can take place. To offer positive sentiment around your brand, and increase brand awareness, recognition and memory among your leads, it is fast becoming a necessity to offer potential customers touch points across multiple channels. Expanding to new marketplaces and directory platforms like The Caffeine Trifecta helps ensure your business and products stay in the forefront of purchase-ready prospects. With access to a range of advertising features depending on your listing package, including email mentions, social media shout-outs, dedicated blogs written by us and more, it makes sense to let us do the hard yards and target your key market as part of your holistic marketing approach.


What if I want to cancel my listing?

Firstly, we hope it never comes to you wanting to cancel! We will be sad to see you go, but of course, we understand that life changes. Whatever your reason may be, we hope one day you find your way back if we do part ways. Since we operate on a valued partnership basis, you won’t be held to a contracted period beyond what you have paid, as long as you cancel before the paid period has ceased. For instance, if you paid for a monthly listing, you can cancel any time before the end of that month and your subscription would not be renewed going forward. Simply send us an email, and we will do the rest.


Isn’t it enough for people to just find me on Google?

Over 70% of business transactions start with a Google search. About 80% of shoppers research online before they buy. As we all know, exposure is important to all business marketing. SEO puts your site in front of people right at the moment when they are ready to buy. A niche directory and marketplace like The Caffeine Trifecta helps your business gain exposure to audiences who are already looking – all you have to do is to make them easy to find you. We will expose your business to more online visitors, which could increase traffic to your small business website.


How does an online directory/ marketplace bring SEO benefits? The more backlinks that search engines like Google can find when prospective buyers undertake an internet search, the more relevant Google will rank your website.  So, for example, when someone looks up ‘roasted coffee beans in Melbourne’ or ‘loose leaf tea in Sydney’ or ‘artisan chocolates in Brisbane’, having your business name on a directory/ marketplace will result in a higher page ranking on the search engine results pages, since the URL to your site provides a valuable inbound link for that search results. A higher page ranking means that it is more likely that your business website will be seen, which encourages traffic.


How do I get additional exposure and advertising?
Regardless of your listing type, you will have the opportunity to participate in ad hoc exposure opportunities such as collaborations, competitions and give-aways. In addition, you may find that you need additional advertising beyond what is in your paid listing, such as additional blogs or listed products. If you have any ideas for additional exposure and/or advertising, just drop us an email and we will figure it out together.