We are into loose leaf teas, because a quality tea experience starts with good quality tea leaves. We curate a selection of loose leaf teas from different origins, to provide you, the tea-lover, with many delightful ways to enjoy tea.

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  • ‘Premium’ Whole Leaf Green Tea (50g)

  • ‘Spring Flush’ Whole Leaf Black Tea (50g)

  • ‘Spring Flush’ Whole Leaf Green Tea (50g)

  • Autumn Green

  • Moose_tea_blended_sampler_pack

    Blended Sampler Pack

  • Libertea_blooming_tea

    Blooming Tea Ball (Flowering Tea Ball)

  • Libertea_buddha's_tears_green_tea_2

    Buddha’s Tears (Jasmine Pearls) – 30g

  • Endeavour_Earl_Grey_Tea

    Endeavour Tea Earl Grey (50g)

  • Endeavour_English_Afternoon_Tea

    Endeavour Tea English Afternoon (50g)