Blooming Tea Ball (Flowering Tea Ball)


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Libertea brings you the best kind of blooming teas from China. A handcrafted display tea, made with jasmine scented silver needle (green tea) and dehydrated flowers. When infused with hot water, the tea leaves will expand and blossom into different designs. 

Common blooming flowers include jasmine, osmanthus, marigold and red carnation.



Fu’an County, Fujian, China


Tasting Note:

Refreshing Jasmine scented green tea, clear light green liquid, floral fragrance, uplifting sensation


Blooming instructions:

1. Use glass teapot or a tall heat resistant highball glass for optimum viewing.

2. Drop in tea ball, infused with 90 degree water.

3. Your tea should finish blooming in 3 mins.

After enjoying your tea, you can reuse your tea flower as a display by changing the water regularly


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