Tangerine Puerh (Gan Pu Cha)


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A cooked puerh aged inside a whole, dried, tangerine (Chen Pi) – nothing like you have ever seen before, and brought to you by Libertea.

Puerh is a fermented black tea that has very low caffeine with many health benefits. Traditionally drank in China for conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Also believed to help digestion due to the micro-organisms on the leaves developed in the fermentation process.

If you find pure puerh tea too earthy and intense, you will find this tangerine puerh fruity and lighter, very easy to drink!

Available for sale as small green tangeries (3 tea balls) or 1 large red tangerine.



Tangerine from Xinhui, China; Puerh tea from Yunnan, China


Tasting Note:

Dark amber liquid. Sweet and fruity on the nose. Full bodied, earthy, subtle citrus with no sharp note, lingering natural sweetness at the back of your throat.


Brewing recommendation:

100 °C water. Raise twice, 1 to 2 minute steeping, up to 9 infusions.


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