Espresso of Love (250g)


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We love Fairtrade and this is one of our favourites. One taste and you will be espressing your love…

A natural full-flavoured Arabica with a typical red wine-like and fruity over tones. The intense spicy flavour and full fragrance is highlighted in the dark roast and has a mid-to-long finish on the back palate of cinnamon, dark chocolate and hazelnut.

Great mid-morning or after lunch coffee.

Single origin.

Strength: 8

Available as ground coffee, whole roasted beans or whole green beans, in sizes of 250g, 500g or 1kg.


  • 50 Podsta coffee capsules per 250g
  • 100 Podsta coffee capsules per 500g
  • 200¬†Podsta coffee capsules per 1kg


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