It’s Bean a Long Time (250g)


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Remember the excellent coffee that Carlos, your local barista, made for you back in 2012? Then you find it again in your new local and as you sit and sip, you smile…it’s been a long time.

This fairtrade organic coffee from Brazil is a naturally processed, organically produced, estate grown coffee. Offering a medium-soft body, light acidity and a mellow delicate sweetness, with mellow caramel and subtle sweet fruit flavours. Longest finish of our coffees, leaving you satisfied for a long time.

Great all day coffee choice.

Single origin.

Strength: 8-9

Available as ground coffee, whole roasted beans or whole green beans, in sizes of 250g, 500g or 1kg.


  • 50 Podsta coffee capsules per 250g
  • 100 Podsta coffee capsules per 500g
  • 200¬†Podsta coffee capsules per 1kg


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